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LONGi Mono-crystalline Silicon is one of the three major brands affiliated to the LONGi Group. Based on Xi’an, LONGi Mono-crystalline Silicon takes full advantage of regional resources and relies on the healthy financial conditions and a strong research and development team to conduct industrial layout and optimization centering on Xi’an, including Yinchuan, Zhongning, Wuxi and Chuxiong, Baoshan and Lijiang of Yunnan Province. LONGi Mono-crystalline Silicon has developed into the largest Mono-crystalline silicon product manufacturer in the world since 2015, and it established a new overseas production base in Malaysia in 2016. By the end of 2016, the production capacity of LONGi Mono-crystalline Silicon has reached 7.5GW, and it will reach 15GW by the end of 2017, and will continue to increase by 50% per year to provide the favorable resource guarantee for LONGi’s global capacity growth and adequate supply of mono-crystalline products.
LONGi Mono-crystalline Silicon has a unique prospective vision and is committed to providing the world with more reliable and more efficient mono-crystalline products. It cooperates with dozens of international PV labs and several domestic scientific research institutions and academies and invests large amounts of money to build the powerful platform for mono-crystalline research and development. LONGi Mono-crystalline Silicon gathers the wisdom of more than 700 technology research and development talents worldwide and formulates 129 company authorized patents, establishing the technological leadership of LONGi’s single crystal products in the industry; it takes the lead in, together with other mono-crystalline manufacturers, putting forward the concept of “unifying the sizes of mono-crystalline wafer”, strongly promoting the development of industry standardization, the development of “mono-crystalline silicon wafer”, and the increase of market shares of N-type efficient mono-crystalline silicon products. LONGi Mono-crystalline Silicon has the world's leading diamond wire slicing process and it took the lead in the industry to achieve 100% diamond wire slicing of mono-crystalline silicon wafer in 2015. LONGi Mono-crystalline Silicon persistently establishes and improves the streamlined quality management system to ensure that every mono-crystalline wafer has an excellent quality and meets the customer requirements.
With a scientific and rigorous attitude, LONGi has spared no effort to improve and enhance the production process of mono-crystalline ingot, improve the RCZ crystal pulling process, reduce the oxygen content, increase the service life of mono-crystalline ingot, and precisely control every manufacturing process of the products. In the unique world-class intelligent manufacturing workshops, the polycrystalline silicon raw materials are loaded into the mono-crystalline pullers developed and improved by LONGi and are made into mono-crystalline ingots with the perfect crystal lattice after undergoing the strict crystal pulling process.
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The mono-crystalline ingot production flow consists of crystal pulling, machining and polishing procedures;The mono-crystalline wafer production flow consists of cutting, cleaning and sorting procedures.....
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