Quality Improvement
Principle of lifetime test:
Sinton (bct400): Measure with the infrared excitation source and transient 850nm; injection level: 5e14cm-3 (N-type) and 1e15cm-3 (P-type); detection depth: 3mm.
Semilab (e-pcd): 950nm laser excitation source; injection depth: 100μs.
Lower improvement against target resistivity of P-type cell technology
Improvement Against Hidden Crack and Edge Collapse of Mono-crystalline Wafer
Client and Partner Verification
Benchmarking communication about charging WIS hidden crack & edge collapse detection
Coordinate with clients and implement special improvement of client-end process hidden crack
Improvement and optimization of LONGi cutting machine, sorting machine and procedures
Improvement of inserting machine
Improvement of cutting technology
Detection capacity Improvement for sorting machine on hidden crack & edge collapse of (new cutting project)
Improvement of adhering technology/auxiliary materials
Standardization of personal operation and improvement of abnormality recognition
Wafer BU

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