Brief Introduction to R&D
LONGi continues to strengthen research and development investment, improve the strength of R&D, And we continue to breakthrough in the growth of Mono Wafer and silicon Wafer, leading the global Mono Wafer technology direction
National Silicon Materials Laboratory of Zhejiang University
Xi`an Jiaotong University
Shaanxi Normal University
Lanzhou University
Ningxia University
Shanghai Microsystem, Information Technology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Based on the long-term strategy of intellectual property, LONGi focuses on scientific and technological innovation, cost reduction and efficiency increase in the photovoltaic industry. By constantly improving the ability of R&D, LONGi will transform and apply the forward-looking technological achievements into production practice, to keep the leading edge in the market competition. Company has established strategic cooperative relations with the UNSW Sydney, National Silicon Materials Laboratory of Zhejiang University, Lanzhou University, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Ningxia University, and Shanghai Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of microsystem and information technology. By strengthening the industry-university-institute cooperation and technical exchanges, it will provide a guarantee for technological innovation.
R&D Advantages
Continuously increasing input on R&D to improve the R&D capacity
Guided by the vision of "The Most Valuable Solar Technology Company in the World", LONGi adheres to the principle of technology-driven productivity, and insists on high R&D investment for several consecutive years, that the proportion of R&D to Revenue always remains between 5-7%, leading the industry. In 2017, LONGi invested 1.108 billion RMB in R&D, and 1.231 billion RMB in 2018, LONGi has become a leading company in R&D investment in PV industry with a totally investment of 3.695 billion RMB from 2012 to 2018.

Technical Innovation
Focus on talent team building, improve LONGi’s core competence
To focus on talent team building, introduce & attract advanced talents in a continuous and powerful manner, manage the operation pattern in a standard manner, cultivate and forge a professional development team for mono-crystalline that features high level and innovation.
Enhance the R&D capacity via multiple ways and approaches with focus on opening up and innovation
LONGi develops production/learning/study cooperation and talent supply/cultivation with many higher schools and science academies both at home and abroad to enhance its innovation capacity, and invite the well-known industrial experts/professors both at home and abroad for regular visit and communications to improve its technical innovation and R&D capacity in the photovoltaic sector.
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