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Equipment ApplicationEquipment Application

To make sure the quality of products meets customer requirements, the Company introduces the most advanced domestic and foreign testing equipment as a means of assuring compatibility with the testing equipment of high-end customers and to take the leading position in our industry.

Monocrystalline Wafer Testing Equipment
Our company has an embedded automatic testing and screening system for monitoring wafer thickness, thickness variation, warping, resistivity, PN model, wire mark, dirt, void, and latent crack. The equipment is configured with the latest, edge breakage detection module that delivers a 100%, online wafer.quality control inspection process.This reduces the risk and cost of wafer damage caused by manual inspection while finding and screening out defective wafers. This step in the process brings remarkable power production and durability benefits to our customers’ power plants.

Sinton BCT-400

Available in transient and quasi-steady measurement modes, this is a kind of equipment that directly measures the minority carrier lifetime of mono-crystalline or polycrystalline ingot based on eddy current sensor and infrared photoconduction. The equipment is able to detect the minority carrier lifetime within a depth range of 3 mm and output the minority carrier lifetime values at different carrier injection levels. It can measure the mono-crystalline minority carrier lifetime of low-resistivity silicon and calculate the mono-crystalline defect density by means of light intensity bias through software.

LONGi has always maintained close cooperation and collaboration with Sinton. BCT-400 will be an effective provide quality assurance for solar mono-crystalline wafers.