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National Energy Administrate has released relation statistics of PV generation in 2015

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By the end of 2015, the accumulated installed capacity of PV generation in China has achieved 43180000KW and become the country which has the biggest installed capacity of PV generation in the world. Wherein, the PV power station 37120000 KW, distributed system 6060000KW, yearly power generation capacity 39200000000KWH. In 2015, the newly-increased installed capacity has reached to 15130000KW which completes the 15000000KW increase of grid connection and installation in 2015 and takes up more than one quarter of the newly-increased installation in the world, one third of annual output of PV battery component in China. It provides an effective marketing support for PV manufacturing industry in China. In most areas of China, the PV generation functions well. In China, the average utilization hours in the whole year are 1133 hours. In the northwestern area, there is serious light abandonment phenomenon in some districts. In Gansu, the annual average utilization hours are 1061 hours, with a light abandonment rate of 31%; In Xinjiang Autonomous Region, the annual average utilization hours are 1042 hours, with a light abandonment rate of 26%the detailed statistics are illustrated in the following table.

The PV generation has shown a common development pattern for the middle and western parts of China. In the mid-east area, there are six provinces with an accumulated installed capacity of more than 1000000KW, namely Jiangsu (4220000 KW), Hebei (2390000KW), Zhejiang (1640000KW), Shandong (1330000KW), Anhui (1210000KW) and Shanxi (1130000KW). Xinjiang (including corps), Inner Mongolia and Jiangsu ranked the top three with regard to newly-increased installation, respectively 2100000KW, 1870000KW and 1650000 KW. The areas where distribution system PV generation installed capacity are high are Zhejiang (1210000KW), Jiangsu (1190000KW) and Guangdong (570000KW)